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Many people devote their lives, talents, energy, funding and also sanity to music. But what is music ? It is humanly organised sound. Also the birds and bees can make pretty sounds. But in spite of the effusions of the poets, those sounds are not considered as music. JC Risset defines it : “Music is what you are going to listen to when you feel like listening to music” (“La musique c’est ce que l’on va écouter lorsque l'on a envie d’écouter de la musique”).

musiclaw.info is a website dedicated to music. It offers free information & resources about music and about the music industry.

The current times are an exciting moment for musicians to break into music business as technology have improved and so many options have become available.  However, the music business is still a business, first and foremost, in which a musician or a band wanting to succeed in this industry must learn to navigate and manage so that they too can reap success.

A band or a musician must first understand all the aspects of their band and treat it as a business.  The deeper they get involved in the industry, the more they must understand how each component of the industry such as publishing, copyright, performing rights affects them.  They must also understand the different branches of the music industry such as record companies, managers, producers, business managers, talent agents and promoters work together in order to make the most of your product, your band. 

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Musiclaw.info gives the basic understanding of the different aspects and components of the music business.


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