Produced your own DVD?  What do you put on the DVD Jacket?

If one looks at any of the jackets on a professionally produced DVD, he or she will notice several bits of information that are similar. A DVD jacket contains more than just artwork and the band’s name with a list of the songs produced.  It also carries information such as the record label, the copyright, the publisher and the year the DVD was made. So what you find on a professionally produced DVD should also go on the DVD that you have produced. As with any product that is similar like DVD’s, a standard format is to followed.  For instance the cover; where the only things that should grace the cover are the band's name, the title of the album and any artwork.
DVD jackets give an artist the possibility to be as creative as he or she wants.  A DVD jacket can be only several pages long or a small booklet.  You can include some images of the band and the lyrics of your song but there are always a few things that are necessary to help some particular companies find important information regarding your band.   For instance a credits page where credit is given to those that helped you, ie. your producer, record label, manager, talent agent or even a lawyer.  In this way, somebody reading your credits will know who to contact should they need to.
When listing the songs be sure to list who wrote the songs (owners of the copyright). If the band wrote all the songs together, "All songs written by Band" should suffice. If someone other than a band member wrote a song, be sure to include their name even if not under a contractual obligation. You do not want to risk a copyright infringement law suit. This is particularly true if you do a cover version of a song or sample previously recorded material. Credit must be given to the owner of the material, be it a song or sample.
The next thing you must include is publishing information. If you have your own publishing company or publisher, you must list this information. This is important for royalty reasons if you wish to collect any publishing money. Further, if someone someday wants to do a cover version of your song, they will need to contact the publisher for permission and by clearly stating it on your DVD will help them locate the publishing company in which to obtain rights to. If you do not have a publishing company or own one yet are affiliated with a performing rights society, such as ASCAP, BMI or SESAC then put in that information.
There are a few legal technicalities you should always include. First, always include, "all rights reserved, unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws." These words can be especially important in some countries for protection of your work and if you plan on selling your tape outside the United States, you will also include "Manufactured in USA".  It is a good idea to include this even if you don't have plans of export your DVD at this time. 
To further protect your works the "©" symbol followed by the name of your publishing company and the date.  If you do not have a publisher then the "©" symbol followed by the name of your band will suffice.  This means you are claiming a copyright in the lyrics and music for each of the songs contained within. You can (and should) use this symbol even if you have not registered your songs with the Copyright Office. You should also include another copyright symbol. You will also need to put a symbol of a ‘p’ with a circle around it to indicate the copyright of the sound recording followed by the record labels name and date or if the band does not have a record label then use the bands name followed by the date. You have two copyrights when you record a song; one is for the music and lyrics and the other is for the recorded version of the song. This explains why you need two copyright symbols on you tape.
If you print a lyric sheet, you should also include the copyright symbol "©", the date and band name (or publisher) followed by "All rights reserved/lyrics used by permission". As you can tell, copyrights are everywhere. They protect very valuable intellectual property and you should always take measures to guard your own work.
There are a few other minor details. If your album was recorded in "Dolby", you must include their symbol.  You will need to include the universal compact disc logo which your DVD manufacturer will provide to you or if your DVD has interactive features from programs like quicktime you should include their logo.  Basically any product you used to help produce your DVD should be placed upon your jacket to help inform the user how to access your product.
You should also consider including a UPC bar scanner code. As this can be costly, if you intend to sell the product in stores you should consider investing in purchasing one for your product. For information on how to obtain a UPC symbol contact the Uniform Code Council, Inc. that help you obtain a UPC bar code that is used in stores everywhere.
The final item is a contact address for the band. Always put an address, an email or website for your band on your jacket. This way you can use the information to help develop a mailing list or even allow people to contact you should they need to. Having a website and listed on your DVD will allow for fans to find you where your website can contain information for dates you will be performing at and even a place to purchase merchandise that your band has to offer.

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