Performing at a Local Level

One of the main reasons for bands forming usually is for the love of music where many times these artist want to become bands is because of seeing other bands on the local or national level.  All bands have to start out somewhere and most of them started out on the local club circuit.  What most bands tend to do is go from club to club performing; selling their DVD’s and merchandise then look for another venue to perform at.  As they progress through the market they soon are asked to perform in which they can negotiate a fee with the clubs directly for a contracted time and date to play. 

What needs to be remembered that there are more performing opportunities than just playing at a club on live night.  Understanding how the circuit works will also give you better opportunity to land certain gigs at certain venues.  The first level, for most bands is performing at local live clubs and private parties and events.  Club owners that host live performance venues often look for Artist to fill the slots throughout the night.  Many times these owners will fill slots with bands just looking for the opportunity to pay where if an owner wants a well known local band to draw in a crowd, the owner will be willing to pay the artist a guarantee and contract the artist for a performance.

Usually these owners of live clubs will also bring in national artists that are supporting an album but are not developed enough to sell larger halls like a theatre or arena.  Sometimes these artists are not traveling with a support act rely upon the promoter of the show or the owner of the venue to fill in that spot.  What this means for a local artist is to network and get to know the people that promote these national acts.  If the owner of the venue enjoys your music and books you into their club, look to invite the national promoter in your area to check your band out.  In this way, the promoter will keep you in mind when they have to fill in a local position for one of their national touring artists.

Another way to gain exposure and performance times, look to your local rags (newspapers) or local radio stations.  They often put on festivals and they need bands to fill their roster.  By diversifying and knowing the pulse of the local entertainment business, will help give you access to perform and promote your band to its maximum ability.

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