The Live Performance Team

As the leader of the band often it is your job to go out and get live gigs for your band to perform.  This usually entails you going from club to club asking to perform where you might at first have to play for free, but as you network and make your way through the local circuit can often lead to paid gigs to being the house band or even landing local support slots for national artists performing in your area.  If you are very dedicated to your band you could possibly get a performing gig at least once a week in various clubs as you travel within the local circuit or you might even expand your performance base from the city you live in to the surrounding city’s or even states.

When your band hits the national circuit often you will be expected to tour to support an album that you have just released.  When this occurs, you will find that booking show a night for three months in 50 cities to be a daunting task, where you more than likely couldn’t do on your own.  When this happens you will want to employ the services of a talent agent.  This person will organize, route and book your tour. There are different levels of talent agents from those who work only in a particular city to regional to national. Talent agents will work with your record label and manager to help determine what price tickets should be sold that will cover all the costs that your tour will require as well as the proper size venue your artist will fit in.  If you are still a relatively unknown artist building your career a talent agent will help place you in support slots under more established artist in the same genre of music.

Talent agents then work with Promoters that controls a regional market asking the promoter to purchase your show in their markets.  Promoters work with all the major talent agencies in routing an artist’s tour, they go to the appropriate venues checking for availabilities and then make offers to have the artist perform in their state.  Promoters upon procuring a show from the talent agent that represents the artist will then contract with the venue and place the show on sale and do all the necessary marketing to drive the fans of the artist to purchase tickets for the show.  After the artist has performed the show it is the promoter, not the venue that pays the artist their guarantee.  More often than not, the Talent Agent will require a deposit on the Artists behalf from the Promoter to place in their account, so upon settling the show on the evening of the engagement, the artist will not receive their full guarantee amount.  The talent agent will then after the engagement has played, pay the artist the deposit given to them by the promoter less any Talent Agent fees.

More and more, the concert industry is become a vital income for an artist.  As much as the fans want to hear the bands music and watch their music videos, they want to experience the music live.  Without Venues, Promoters and Talent Agents, a national even worldwide tour would not be possible.  This team is a vital component for the success of the bands career.

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