The Band is a Product and the Teams who manage it

While the band is busy making music, they will need a team to manage and guide their music careers.  These people include managers, entertainment lawyers, publicists and business managers.

Usually these are people who claim to have connections into the business and want to shop your tape to the industry executives in hopes to land you a deal, for a price of course.


Product is essential to every musician and artist and the success of their careers.  This team will help produce the product which includes record companies, producers and music outlets.


Are you planning on selling the DVD to the public or use the DVD for submission purposes?  With this in mind every DVD needs to include certain elements to protect your product and provide valuable information at the same time.


Performing live is a staple of every musician both locally and nationally.  These teams such as Agents, Promoters, Clubs and Venues, help book and promote the live aspect of a musician or band’s career.


Looking for venues to perform at is often times the lifeblood of keeping a band alive.  Using local promoters and venues can help you land not only places to play but opening slots on some touring artist’s shows.

The team of advisors


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