The Music Product Team

For many bands, the most coveted deal they could get is a record deal.  To many of them this is the pinnacle of their career that they have finally arrived.  However all of them will find out that a record deal is only on aspect of their career that can launch them to a national level.  The record label is designed to produce, promote and sell the music that the band creates.  What many bands that are not signed to a major label forget is that they often times are their own record label when they record produce and promote their own music to sell to their fans.  When a band begins work on a national level they will have a team that will produce product for them, from merchandise to producing a record then have people promote the product as well.  These teams will include a record company, producer, publicist and even merchandising companies. 

Most bands are familiar with a record company; they are often viewed as the door to fame and prosperity.  A record company’s main concern is to record and produce a sellable product from a band.  A true record deal will often pay for all expenses associated with producing an album where they make their money back by the sales of that album.  They also handle all the incidentals of obtaining the rights for the album such as applying for copyrights on behalf of the band as well as the rights for them to sell the band’s music.  Any money that might be advanced to the band is all recoupable by the sales made from the album to be released.

In order for a band to release an album, it must be produced first.  A producer is often hired to help get the songs created by the band down on a tangible medium such as a tape or mp3.  Many bands on a local level have self produced their own music as they head into the studios to lay tracks to their songs.  A producer does the same thing however; they are usually experts in getting that professional sound that is reminiscent of a professionally produced song than a song produced cheaply like in a basement.  Getting a producer for your band does not require you to have a record deal.  Some producers will work for a flat fee to produce your work. 

Once you have product to sell, you may need a publicist to help promote your image and place your music on internet radio, traditional radio, magazines both traditional and online basically getting your work out into the public eye.  While your band tours on the road a publicist will also help secure interviews or meet and greets to help promote your music further.

Merchandise is often overlooked as a viable income as often the focus of the artist’s attention is towards the music.  But merchandise like t-shirts can be a source of income that can become a sizeable amount. At one time all that was available were concert t-shirts but as merchandising has become more accessible with a wider variety of what a band can produce, merchandising has become something to no longer overlook as a band becomes a brand selling more than just t-shirts but includes, key chains, lunch boxes, backpacks along with other paraphernalia.

Having products to sell to your fans, often times mean that there are a whole lot of people working behind the scenes, to make that product available to them.  What this team does is the same thing that a local band would do to make their own product but on a much larger scale.

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