Music career: make a career in the music industry - Code of Conduct

The music business is fun and exciting and for the musician it is a time of great creativity and possibilities.  But the music business is first and foremost a business and should be treated as such.  There is a stigma in associated with the business of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll that has been broadcast in news and entertainment reporting agencies across the globe.  This in part is due to eccentric behaviors of the musicians or from autobiographies of Artist being pushed by managers, agents and record labels to the point that musicians succumb to alcohol and drugs to handle the stress of the business.  There is no doubt that the entertainment business is stressful, but the business of music has evolved into a corporate machine where those old stigmas are no longer acceptable.  Long gone are the days where you can walk into a record label and bite the head off of a bird for attention.  Long gone are the days of destroying the property belonging to venues and behaving badly like not showing up to perform your own show.  These attitudes are not tolerated any longer as this business is focused on the consumer and your band and music is the product.  Become reckless and careless to where the consumer turns away from you as a product you will be dropped like a rock from their roster.
The best thing musicians can do is treat your band as a business and act professional.  Yes image is an important part of how a band is perceived and sold to the consumer but acting in a professional manner with those that drive your music to the masses should be done with professionalism not in the image you portray to sell your music. The people who have power in the music industry (record labels, agents, promoters, club owners, managers, etc.) are professionals. Music is their full-time business and their livelihood. They understand how the music machine works so they expect to be treated with respect.
Educate yourself about the entertainment industry. It is not called the music business for nothing. Learn how music contracts work. Learn about copyrights. Understand how different areas of the business work together to make the most of your music. Learn who the major players are in your city. By understanding the business it will help you in navigate and understand who does what and why.  Industry executives find its much easier to do business with someone who understands what they do, than have to teach it to them to.
Network. So many hate this word, but it is such an important part of developing contacts to advance your band’s career.  Networking with club owners can get you other gigs for festivals or even an opening slot of a national band that is playing and needs a local opener.  Networking with entertainment lawyers or managers can help land you that important deal.  However, professionalism again comes into play.
By understanding the business and how it works and treating the business as a business.  The chances for your band to become successful, meaning generating income, is a very real possibility in today’s business environment.  Getting that big record deal might take a bit of being in the right place and the right time but not getting that deal doesn’t mean you couldn’t make a decent living by being a musician.

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